About Pag

The island of Pag is known as one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic, with over 2,500 hours of sunshine per year, its coast is woven of even 270 km of pebbly beaches with crystal clear sea. Among more than a thousand islands in the Adriatic, Pag is quite different from the others: the armor of stone hides away the richness that hardworking hands of islanders were creating for centuries, always struggling much more than others. So it is worth a visit to discover its many faces and enjoy them. The town of Pag have a rich offer of the ancient monuments, culinary delights and an entirely different nature with magically beautiful stone scenery.
Pag lace is a unique handicraft made by valuable and skilled hands of woman from Pag. Lace collection that Benedictine nuns kept and collected more than 150 years, the Ministry of Culture declared the Croatian cultural heritage. Folk costume of Pag is characterized by a special beauty and it is known all over Europe. Pag Cheese is along with the lace, the most famous symbol of the island of Pag. Cheese is produced solely from the milk of autochthonous sheep from Pag called pramenka. Wide known and recognized symbol of Pag holder of the license Izvorno Hrvatsko (Originally Croatian) represents Pag and Croatia in all the fairs of the European Union.

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Lamb has specific flavor because of the environment in which lives and feeds autochthonous Pag sheep Pramenka. Because of such breeding and dietary habits, lamb meat has a specific taste, and world gastronomes consider it to be unforgettable delicacy of Pag table.
Beside lace, salt is another white gold of the town of Pag. It always had an important role in the lives of locals, and we can speak of organized salt production that lasts for a thousand years. Island of Pag is made from 270 km of magnificent gravelly beaches. Their positions will satisfy even the most demanding customers, from those who seek public beach equipped with all necessary facilities, to those who like hidden nooks and enjoyment of solitude. Pag beaches are ranging from rocky coastlines to finest sand.
Public beach Prosika is central beach of the island. Many beaches are located in areas of Bašaca, Vodice.
Beach called Zrće is located on the north side of the bay of Pag. Zrće is a highly entertaining, for those seeking a full day of fun. On the beach there are several entertainment facilities that are working during the day as cafes and during the night hours are converted into night clubs and discos. Night life of Zrće is enriched by appearances of various singers and DJs from local and foreign showbiz. Specificity of Zrće is that the entertainment program is conducted through a full 24 hours a day.

Source : www.tzgpag.hr

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